This year's forum focused on the Aerospace and Defense industry and included senior management representatives from both the commercial and government/military sectors as well as participants from other service focused industries. Its goal was to review cutting-edge strategies and technologies from innovators who are transforming the service supply chain and positioning it as a source of customer value creation and competitive advantage.


Cross-Functional and Cross-Organizational Coordination Challenges in Providing Service Support

  • What are the major challenges and opportunities for improved coordination for service support that your industry/company is facing?
  • What current trends to outsource and re-structure service support processes do you see? What is driving these trends?
  • How does your firm integrate functions such as procurement, maintenance and logistics across organizations - both internally and with suppliers and customers?

Readiness/Availability Resource Planning and Execution

  • What is the long term potential for improving resource management to support/sustain mission critical product availability in the A&D industry?
  • What are the greatest challenges/opportunities in achieving this potential?
  • How are new and emerging technologies affecting this problem?
  • How is your organization overcoming the challenges and exploiting the opportunities and what is the expected or realized impact?

Performance Based Service Support: Industry at a Turning Point

  • What is the current status of performance based support from your firm's perspective?
  • What has been and or will be the impact of performance based programs?
  • What are the biggest challenges/opportunities in implementing such programs?
  • How is your organization overcoming these challenges and exploiting the opportunities?

Academic Research on Incentive Contracting in Service Parts Supply Chains

Research Agenda for Industry - Academic Collaboration