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The Center supports the production of research publications that give new perspectives and influence the course of research and teaching in the field.
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Published Documents
Luen Thai, (2007), with Marshall Fisher, Wharton Case Study.

Needs-Based Analysis of Online Customer Reviews, (August 2007), with Thomas Lee, International Conference on Electronic Commerce.

Using Regulatory Instructions for Information Extraction, (July 2007), with Thomas Lee, AAAI Workshop on Information Integration on the Web.

Category Management and Coordination in Retail Assortment Planning in the Presence of Basket Shopping Consumers, (2007), with Gérard Cachon, Gürhan Kök, Management Science, 53(6): 934-951.

Obtaining Fast Service in a Queueing System via Performance-based Allocation of Demand, (2007), with Gérard Cachon, Fuqiang Zhang, Management Science, 53(3): 408-420.

Pricing and Capacity Rationing in Rentals, (March 2007), with Noah Gans, S. Savin, Management Science, 53 (3).

Call-Routing Schemes for Call-Center Outsourcing, (Winter 2007), with Noah Gans, Y.-P. Zhou, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 9 (1).

In Store Experiments to Determine the Impact of Price on Sales, (Winter 2006), with Vishal Gaur, Marshall Fisher, Production and Operations Management, Vol. 14, No. 4: 377-387.

The Motion Picture Industry: Critical Issues in Practice, Current Research and New Research Directions, (Nov-Dec 2006), with Jehoshua Eliashberg, Anita Elberse, Mark A.A.M. Leenders, Marketing Science, Vol. 25, No. 6: 638-661.

Winning in the Aftermarket, (May 2006), with Morris Cohen, Narendra Agrawal, Vipul Agrawal, Harvard Business Review.

Achieving Breakthrough Service Delivery Through Dynamic Asset Deployment Strategies, (May-June 2006), with Morris Cohen, Narendra Agrawal, Vipul Agrawal, Interfaces, 36 (3).

An Empirical study of Service Differentiation for Weapon System Service Parts, (July 2003), with Morris Cohen, Vinayak Deshpande, Karen Donohue, Operations Research, Vol. 51, Issue 4: 518-530.

A Threshold Inventory Rationing Policy for Service Differentiated Demand Classes, (June 2003), with Morris Cohen, Vinayak Deshpande, Karen Donohue, Management Science, Vol. 49, Issue 6: 683-703.

Telephone Call Centers: Tutorial, Review, and Research Prospects, (Spring 2003), with Noah Gans, Ger Koole, Avishal Mandelbaum, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol. 5, Issue 2: 79-141.

Managing Variety for Assembled Products: Modeling and Component Systems Sharing, (Spring 2003), with Marshall Fisher, Kamalini Ramdas, Karl T. Ulrich, Management & Service Operation Management, Vol. 5, Issue 2: 142.

A Call Routing Problem with Service-Level Constraints, (March-April 2003), with Noah Gans, Y.-P. Zhou, Operations Research, Vol. 51, Issue 2: 253-271.

Measuring Imputed Cost in the Semiconductor Equipment Supply Chain, (2003), with Morris Cohen, Christian Terwiesch, T. Ho, J. Ren, Manage Science, Vol. 49, Issue 1.

Demand and Supply Dynamics for Sequentially Released Products in International Markets: The Case of Motion Pictures, (2003), with Jehoshua Eliashberg, Anita Elberse, Marketing Science, Vol. 22, Issue 3.

Managing Supply Chains with Differentiated Service Requirements- Models and Applications, (2002), with Morris Cohen, Vinayak Deshpande, Yunzeng Wang, The Practice of Supply Chain Management.

Differentiating Customer Service on the Basis of Delivery Lead-Times, (2002), with Morris Cohen, Yunzeng Wang, Yu-Sheng Zheng, IIE Transactions, Vol. 34: 979-989.

Exchanging Preliminary Information in Concurrent Engineering: Alternative Coordination Strategies, (2002), with Christian Terwiesch, Arnoud De Meyer, Organization Science, Vol. 13, Issue 4: 402-419.

Working Documents
Strengthening the Empirical Base of Operations Management, (2007), with Marshall Fisher, (forthcoming) M&SOM, OPIM Working Paper, 23 December 2005, revised 15 January 2007, The Wharton School.

Bob Hayes: Forty Years of Leading Operations Management into Uncharted Waters, (2007), with Marshall Fisher, (forthcoming) Production and Operations Management, OPIM Working Paper, The Wharton School.

Rocket Science Retailing, (2007), with Marshall Fisher, (forthcoming) Operations Research, Paper based on the McCord Morse Plenary Lecture given 5 November 2006 at the INFORMS Annual Meeting.

Assortment Planning: Review of Literature and Industry Practice, (2007), with Gürhan Kök, Marshall Fisher, Ramnath Vaidyanathan, (forthcoming) Retail Supply Chain Management, Eds. N. Agrawal and S. A. Smith, Kluwer Publishers.

On the Effects of Consumer Search and Firm Entry in a Multiproduct Competitive Market, (2007), with Gérard Cachon, Christian Terwiesch, Yi Xu, (forthcoming) Marketing Science.

In Search of the Bullwhip Effect, (2007), with Gérard Cachon, Taylor Randall, Glenn Schmidt, (forthcoming) M&SOM.

Sharing Forecast Information In A Long Term Supply Chain Relationship, (2007), with J. Ren, Morris Cohen, T. Ho, Christian Terwiesch, (under review) Operations Research.

What Can be Learned from Classical Inventory Models: a Cross-industry Empirical Investigation, (2007), with S. Roumiantsev, Serguei Netessine, (forthcoming) M&SOM, Special Issue on Empirical Science.

Simple Models of Discrete Choice and Their Performance in Bandit Experiments, (2007), with Noah Gans, G. Knox, Rachael Croson, (to appear) M&SOM.

Operations Risk Management: Overview of Paul Kleindorfer’s Contributions, (2007), with Morris Cohen, Howard Kunreuther, (forthcoming) POMS Journal.

How to (and How Not to) Estimate the Salvage Value in the Newsvendor Model, (2007), with Gérard Cachon, Gürhan Kök, M&SOM, 9(3): 276-290.

Implementing New Practices: An Empirical Study of Organizational Learning in Hospital Intensive Care Units, (June 2007), with Anita L. Tucker, Management Science, 53 (6).

Retail Assortment Optimization: An Attribute Based Approach, (February 2007), with Marshall Fisher, Ramnath Vaidyanathan, OPIM Working Paper, The Wharton School.

Reliability or Inventory? Contracting Strategies for After-Sales Product Support, (2007), with Sang-Hyun Kim, Morris Cohen, Serguei Netessine, OPIM Department, The Wharton School.

Retail Store Execution: An Empirical Study, (January 2007), with Marshall Fisher, Jayanth Krishnan, Serguei Netessine, (pending) Management Science, OPIM Working Paper, The Wharton School.

Competing Retailers and Inventory: an Empirical Investigation of U.S. Automobile Dealerships, (2007), with Marcelo Olivares, Gérard Cachon, OPIM Working Paper, The Wharton School.

Purchasing, Pricing, and Quick Response in the Presence of Strategic Consumers, (2007), with Gérard Cachon, Robert Swinney, Working Paper.

Improving Patient Outcomes: The Effects of Staff Participation and Collaboration in Healthcare Delivery, (2007), with Ingrid M. Nembhard, Anita L. Tucker, Jeffrey D. Horbar, Joseph H. Carpenter, (under revision).

Drivers of Finished Goods Inventory Performance in the U.S. Automobile Industry, (2006), with Gérard Cachon, Marcelo Olivares, OPIM Working Paper, The Wharton School.

Should Inventory Policy be Lean or Responsive? Evidence for U.S. Public Companies., (2006), with S. Roumiantsev, Serguei Netessine, (under revision).

The Impact of New Product Introduction Upon Assembly Productivity in the North American Automotive Industry, (2006), with M. Goyal, Serguei Netessine, M. Reindorp, Working Paper.

Operational Failures and Interruptions in Hospital Nursing, (2006), with Anita L. Tucker, S.J. Spear, Health Services Research, 41 (3).

Capacity Investment by Competitive Startups, (2005), with Robert Swinney, Gérard Cachon, Serguei Netessine, Working Paper.