Wharton Tech Camp 2014

Big Data, Right Tools: Computational Resources for Empirical Research


Course Description:

Bring Your Own Laptop

The aim of this course is to familiarize beginning and current Wharton PhD students with both publicly available and Wharton specific cutting-edge tools and resources available to them for empirical research. The course is primarily concerned with acquiring, cleaning, storing, and managing data for empirical business research, and it will provide hands-on experience using variety of modern computing tools. At the end of the course, students will know what tools are most appropriate for different data analysis jobs at hand.

To borrow from Emerson’s famous quote: A foolish assertion of supremacy of one tool is a hobgoblin of little minds, different tools have comparative advantages whether it be a convenience-power tradeoff or support-power tradeoff or etc. Be open-minded and try different tools.

Thought on Predictive Analytics and Causal Inference:

“Causal inference without data mining is myopic and data mining without causal inference is blind”


Dokyun Lee, Office: JMHH 526.4, Email: Leedok@wharton.upenn



8 lectures will be given on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from

August 4 to August 20, 2013.

Time: 1:30PM-3:00PM

                        (Mostly 45-minute lecture time + 45-minute lab time).

Room: JMHH G50 Jon M. Huntsman Hall

Final Exam:

No exam :)


Wharton Doctoral Programs:

Summer Tech Camp 2014 (August 4 to 20, 2014)

Last Year’s Website: Tech camp 2013

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 What's New:

5/01/2014: This website is up.

5/01/2014: Topics have been revised. We will cover Scrapy, a framework for web crawling (once learned, you can scrape most websites easily). Natural Language Processing will covered in more detail. I will give my view on big data analytics. Specifically on using data mining + causal inference for business empirical research.

5/02/2014: Changed Syllabus will be uploaded soon.

8/1/2014: 29 people have signed up!!

8/20/2014: Thank you all for attending the class :)