Research Publications

Attention Variation and Welfare: Theory and Evidence from a Tax Salience Experiment
with Dmitry Taubinsky
Forthcoming at Review of Economic Studies.
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Suboptimal Behavior in Strategy-Proof Mechanisms: Evidence from the Residency Match
Forthcoming at Games and Economic Behavior.
[Journal Webpage][SSRN Version]

Taxing Humans: Pitfalls of the Mechanism Design Approach and Potential Resolutions
with Dmitry Taubinsky
Tax Policy and the Economy, 2018, 32(1): 107-133.
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Quantifying Loss-Averse Tax Manipulation
Review of Economic Studies, 2018, 85(2): 1251-1278.
[Non-technical Summary]
An earlier version circulated as Loss Aversion Motivates Tax Sheltering: Evidence from U.S. Tax Returns. [Web Appendix]

Mistaken Play in the Deferred Acceptance Algorithm: Implications for Positive Assortative Matching
American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 2017, 107 (5), 225-229.
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Can Marginal Rates of Substitution Be Inferred From Happiness Data? Evidence from Residency Choices
with Daniel Benjamin, Ori Heffetz, and Miles Kimball
American Economic Review, 2014, 104 (11), 3498 - 3528.
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What Do You Think Would Make You Happier? What Do You Think You Would Choose?
with Daniel Benjamin, Ori Heffetz, and Miles Kimball
American Economic Review, 2012, 102 (5), 2083 - 2110.
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An earlier version circulated as Do People Seek to Maximize Happiness? Evidence from New Surveys. [Web Appendix]

Policy Briefs

Addressing Personal-Income-Tax Manipulation with Tools from Psychology
Wharton Public Policy Initiative Issue Brief, 2017, 5(9): 1-6.

Tax Psychology and the Timing of Charitable Giving Deadlines
with Dmitry Taubinsky
The Urban Institute, 2016.

Working Papers

Measuring "Schmeduling"
with Dmitry Taubinsky

On the Limits of Incentive Design: Examining Medical Students' Misunderstanding of "the Match"
with Samuel Skowronek

Selected Works in Progress

Tax Information Avoidance
with David Hagmann and Jeffrey Yang

On the Non-Price Effects of Sin Taxes
with Kyle Rozema

An Approach to Testing Reference Points
with Ao Wang


Alex Rees-Jones

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