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Benefits to Sponsors

Benefits to Sponsors

Information: Industry Structure and Competitive Strategy

Project Sponsors receive the following benefits:

- Early access to work in progress: Sponsors have an opportunity to discuss ideas with us before they are available in print. And papers are made avail-able to sponsors before they are published.

- Access to our people: Sponsors have an opportunity to work with us on case studies of their organizations. Where appropriate, we also present findings directly to their senior sponsor management. When problems areas of mu-tual interest emerge, we have met to discuss them.

- Participation in special workshops: Plenary sessions include special topic workshops devoted to issues of common interest. Facilitated scenario work-shops have been held on topics ranging from the future of Cyber-Shopping to the social implications of rapid technology innovation and adoption.

- Ability to contribute to the Project research, and to guide the selection of research topics: At the Plenary meetings, sponsors have the opportunity to guide the selection of cases and of the research agenda for the following year.

The Project produces publications and research reports on a wide range of topics of interest to sponsors. These materials are initially restricted, and are available only to sponsors for the first six months after completion. 

Additionally, the Project team frequently undertakes focused studies for one or more sponsoring organizations, on topics of special interest. 


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