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The Wharton Program on Global Strategy and Knowledge Intensive Organizations

Dr. Eric K. Clemons, Project Director for
"Information: Industry Structure and Competitive Strategy"

Overview of the Project

The Wharton Program on Global Strategy and Knowledge Intensive Organizations was founded to address issues of concern to the CEO and the most senior members of the management team. The Jones Center's Project on Information, Strategy, & Economics has operated for two decades as an early warning system, successfully helping our corporate members to highlight potentially disruptive changes and overwhelmingly attractive opportunities long before they are visible through traditional environmental scanning or trend analysis:

The project’s newest initiatives include a study of standards and competition in cloud computing, a study of search and its implications for consumers and for consumer-facing sellers of goods and services, business models for the internet, and the power of business models like search and groupon that are able to charge a third party rather than the direct users of the service. (read more)

The Project has been studying product proliferation, resonance marketing and hyperdifferentiation, and the changing role of customers' information endowment in their purchasing decisions, since 1999. (read more)

The Project did its first study of Business Process Outsourcing, the opportunities this created, and the risks that needed to be managed, in 1992. (read more)

The Project did its first study of online sales and distribution in 1996, long before the internet was a serious concern. (read more)

The Project did its first study of online securities trading and the threat to established firms and exchanges in the late 1980s. (read more)

The Project is a collaborative effort among Wharton faculty members and graduate students and the Project's numerous corporate sponsors. Techniques used by the Project include scenario analysis to surface issues, in-depth case studies to gain insight and experience, and economic analysis to develop rigorous predictions. Given the highly sensitive nature of some of the discussions at meetings, membership is restricted so that no two organizations participate if they consider themselves to be direct competitors.

The Project continues to surface issues, threats to established enterprises, and business opportunities, at each of our scheduled group meetings. The focus may vary from marketing strategy to production, from technology outsourcing to the design of markets and exchanges. Some meetings may be directed at CTOs and CIOs, while others may be directed at issues of sales and marketing officers. It is our expectation that every issue raised will ultimately turn out to be critical to every organization that participates, and that every organization will find participation an invaluable part of their planning process.


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1) The Governance of Outsourcing Contracts for Performance

2) RightSourcing: Knowing What to Outsource

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