Dr. Clemons has been a pioneer in studying the strategic and competitive use of information technology. He started studying online securities trading and alternative electronic trading networks in 1986. He has been studying outsourcing since 1991 and wrote his first paper on business process outsourcing in 1994. He made his first predictions about the failure of online grocery shopping and the success of online travel reservation systems in 1996. His research continues to be aimed at helping companies understand the strategic and competitive implications of increased information availability, and at helping companies make the best possible competitive use of available technology. His current research portfolio includes studies of the following:

Resonance marketing and HyperDifferentiation: Earning more by being different, in services, consumer packaged goods, and consumer durables

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Channel conflict in online distribution: Understanding the role of online sales and support in a range of industries, from automobiles to online music

Read: eChannel Conflict

Read: Channel Conflict in Online Music Distribution

Read: Rethinking Product Strategy and Distribution Strategy in Travel

Strategic Options: Valuing information technology investments in the presence of strategic uncertainty, and planning for uncertain investments when speed of implementation may be required.

Read: Valuing Strategic Options

Planning in the presence of Strategic Uncertainty: Scenario analysis and other techniques for dealing with strategic uncertainty. Application of these techniques to issues as diverse as understanding the future directions of conflict in the middle east and their implications for business, to understanding the impact of universal internet access for the economy of China, and the implications for Western economies.

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Outsourcing and Contracting: What are the risks associated with outsourcing and how can they best be managed? What are the risks specifically related to the misuse of information and intellectual property? 

Read: Tutorial on the Risks of Outsourcing

Read: Protecting Intellectual Property when Outsourcing

Read: The Value of Trust and Good History in Long Term Sourcing Relationships

Business Process Outsourcing: What directions will outsourcing take in the developed economies of the west? What activities can and cannot be outsourced? What implications can we predict for western economies and specifically for employment? What regulatory intervention, if any, might make sense?

Read: Outsourcing in India

Corporate agility and governance of the IT functional area:Governance of the IT area most definitely does affect corporate performance. The degree to which strategic leadership understands IT, the degree to which IT leadership understands the strategic objectives of the business, and the division of authority over different functional areas all affect performance. Different rates of environmental change and different levels of complexity argue for different governance structures.

Read: Governance of the IT Function: Valuing Agility and Quality of Training, Cooperation and Communications

Valuing investments in information systems: As information systems become more strategic and less focused simply on cost reduction, valuing investments in information systems becomes more complex. Numerous techniques are available for dealing with the what if questions of investment valuation and the but for questions involving contract disputes, intellectual property disputes, and litigation.
Read: Valuing Information Systems in Contract and Intellectual Property Disputes