Noah Gans

Papers Published or to Appear in Refereed Journals

         N. Gans and G. van Ryzin. Optimal Control of a Multi-Class, Flexible Queueing System. Operations Research, 45:677-693, 1997. [PDF file]

         N. Gans and G. van Ryzin. Optimal Dynamic Scheduling of a General Class of Parallel-Processing Queueing Systems. Advances in Applied Probability, 30:1130-1156, 1998.
[PDF file]

         N. Gans and G. van Ryzin. Dynamic Vehicle Dispatching: Optimal Heavy Traffic Performance and Practical Insights. Operations Research, 47:675-692, 1999. [PDF file]

         N. Gans. Customer Loyalty and Supplier Quality Competition. Management Science, 48:207-221, 2002. [PDF file]

         N. Gans and Y-P. Zhou. Managing Learning and Turnover in Employee Staffing. Operations Research, 50:9911006, 2002. [PDF file]

         N. Gans and Y-P. Zhou. A Call-Routing Problem with Service-Level Constraints. Operations Research, 51:255271, 2003. [PDF file]

         Gans, N., G. Koole and A. Mandelbaum. Telephone Call Centers: Tutorial, Review, and Research Prospects," M&SOM, 5:79141, 2003. [PDF file]

         Savin, S., M. Cohen, N. Gans, and Z. Katalan. Capacity Management in Rental Businesses with Two Customer Bases. Operations Research, 53:617631, 2005. [PDF file]

         L. Brown, N. Gans, A. Mandelbaum, A. Sakov, H. Shen, S. Zeltyn and L. Zhao. Statistical Analysis of a Telephone Call Center: A Queueing-Science Perspective. JASA, 100:3650, 2005. [PDF file]

         N. Gans, and Y-P. Zhou. Call-Routing Schemes for Call-Center Outsourcing, M&SOM, 9:33-50. [PDF file]

         N. Gans and S. Savin. Pricing and Capacity Rationing in Rentals, Management Science, 53:390-407. [PDF file]

         N. Gans, G. Knox, and R. Croson. Simple Models of Discrete Choice and Their Performance in Bandit Experiments, to appear in M&SOM. [PDF file]


Working Papers

         S. Chick and N. Gans. An Economic Analysis of Simulation Selection Problems. [PDF file]

         N. Bakshi and N. Gans. Securing the Containerized Supply Chain: An Economic analysis of C-TPAT. [PDF file]


Teaching Cases

         N. Gans, Z. Katalan, and J. Young, Offshore Drilling Incorporated. [PDF file]


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