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 Monique Guignard-Spielberg 



Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions

The Wharton School

University of Pennsylvania

Courses Spring 2018


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totally free, ad-free internet radio: viddiradio
search the web:
another great search engine:
currency converter:
music of all kinds:
news of all kinds: and
for great information on available flights:
world time and time zones:,
my configuration for NJ time
an applet for time configuration: applet
the Philadelphians :
Radio Beethoven, Santiago, Chile
Radio Beethoven
Radio Yahoo Radio Classical
the best weather channel :

Optimization and Operations Research:

  • Operations Research: the science of better :
  • LP and IP software at tu-braunschweig:
  • Argonne National Lab:
  • some free software by Prof. John O. McClain:
  • IFORS tutorial modules:
  • benchmark for optimization software:
  • The French OR Society
  • The European OR Society
  • The international federation of OR societies
  • The Canadian OR Society
  • OR Society of the US
  • THE OR web page of Michael Trick
  • e-optimization
  • OR library of optimization instances OR-library

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    Current Projects

    I am interested in theoretical as well as algorithmic modeling and application aspects of integer programmming/combinatorial optimization. My current interests revolve around the integration of tools from Lagrangean relaxation and its extensions, and column/cut generation. Recently, I have been investigating the Convex Hull Relaxation (CHR) as a fast bounding tool for mixed-integer convex optimization problems with linear constraints, and as a heuristic tool for nonconvex MINLPs.

    I am working with colleagues on the solution of the quadratic assignment problem and extensions.

    Some of my recent research has been concerned with the solution of stochastic MILPs, with applications in forestry and in mining.


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    A great classical radio station from Switzerland:

    An amimated version of the tapestry of Bayeux.

    A surprising picture of Hong Kong, put your cursor ar the top and slowly move it down...


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