Welcome.  Thanks for visiting.  The paper list is up to date as of mid-2013 - you can also find papers at SSRN (see Lorin Hitt's SSRN Author Page).  Some of my recent working papers are only available in abstract form until they have been peer reviewed. 

I am no longer serving as OPIM undergraduate advisor, although I continue to be one of the advisors for the Managing Electronic Commerce secondary concentration.  For OPIM advising issues, please see Prof. Morris Cohen.

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Yearsort iconAuthorTitleJournal
2014Prasanna Tambe; Lorin M. HittJob Hopping, Information Technology Spillovers and Productivity GrowthManagement Science
2013Matt Ferguson; Lorin Hitt; Sonny TambeThe Talent Equation
2013Sonny Tambe; Lorin HittMeasuring Information Technology SpilloversInformation Systems Research (forthcoming)
2012Wu, D.J.; Ding, Ming; Lorin M. HittIT Implementation Contract Design: Analytical and Experimental Investigation of IT Value, Learning and Contract StructureInformation Systems Research
2012Gao, Gordon; Hitt, Lorin M.IT and Trademarks: Implications for Product VarietyManagement Science
2012Tambe, Prasanna; Hitt, Lorin M.Information Technology and Productivity 1987-2006: Evidence from New Firm-Level DataInformation Systems Research
2012Tambe, Prasanna; Hitt, Lorin M.Now IT’s Personal: Offshoring and the Shifting Skill Composition of the US Information Technology WorkforceManagement Science
2012Tambe, Prasanna; Hitt, Lorin M.; Brynjolfsson, ErikThe Extroverted Firm: How External Information Practices Affect ProductivityManagement Science
2011Hitt, Lorin M.; Xue, Mei;Chen, Pei-YuThe Determinants and Outcomes of Internet Banking AdoptionManagement Science
2011Li, Xinxin; Hitt, Lorin M.; Zhang, JohnProduct Reviews and Competition in Markets for Repeat Purchase ProductsJournal of Management Information Systems
2010Li, Xinxin; Hitt, Lorin M.Price Effects in Online Product Reviews: An Analytical Model and Empirical AnalysisMIS Quarterly
2010Tambe, Prasanna; Hitt, Lorin M.How Offshoring Affects IT WorkersCommunications of the ACM
2008Li, Xinxin; Hitt, Lorin M.Self-Selection and Information Role of Online Product ReviewsInformation Systems Research
2008Wu, Shin-yi;Hitt, Lorin;Chen, Pei-Yu;Anandalingam, G.Customized Bundle Pricing for Information Goods: A Non-Linear Mixed Integer Programming ApproachManagement Science
2008Tambe, Sonny;Hitt, Lorin;Brynjolfsson, ErikThe Extroverted FirmInternational Conference on Information Systems
2007Hitt, Lorin M.; Tambe, Prasanna (Sonny)Broadband Adoption and Content ConsumptionInformation Economics and Policy
2007Xue, Mei; Hitt, Lorin M;Harker, Patrick TCustomer Efficiency, Channel Usage and Firm Performance in Retail BankingManufacturing and Service Operations Management
2006Hitt, Lorin M.;Tambe, Prasanna (Sonny)Measuring Spillovers from Information Technology InvestmentsInternational Conference on Information Systems
2006Clemons, Eric K; Gao, Gordon;Hitt, Lorin MWhen Online Reviews Meet Hyperdifferentiation: A Study of the Craft Beer IndustryJournal of Management Information Systems
2005Jacobides, Michael G.;Hitt, Lorin MLosing Sight of the Forest for the Trees? Productive Capabilities and Gains from Trade as Drivers of Vertical ScopeStrategic Management Journal
2005Hitt, Lorin M;Chen, Pei-YuBundling with Customer Self-Selection: A Simple Approach to Bundling Low Marginal Cost GoodsManagement Science
2004Clemons, Eric K;Hitt, Lorin MPoaching and the Misappropriation of Information: Transaction Risks of Information ExchangeJournal of Management Information Systems
2004Snir, Eli;Hitt, Lorin MVendor Screening in Information Technology Contracting with a Pilot ProjectJournal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce
2004Gao, Gordon;Hitt, Lorin M.IT and Product Variety: Evidence from Panel DataInternational Conference on Information Systems
2003Snir, Eli; Hitt, Lorin MCostly Bidding in Online Markets for IT ServicesManagement Science
2003Brynjolfsson, Erik;Hitt, Lorin MComputing Productivity: Firm-Level EvidenceReview of Economics and Statistics
2003Wu, D.J.;Ding, Min;Hitt, Lorin M.Learning in ERP Contracting: A Principal-Agent AnalysisHawaii International Conference on System Sciences
2002Brynjolfsson, Erik;Hitt, Lorin M;Yang, ShinkyuIntangible Assets: Computers and Organizational CapitalBrookings Papers on Economic Activity
2002Timothy Bresnahan; Erik Bryjolfsson: Lorin HittInformation Technology, Workplace Organization and the Demand for Skilled Labor: Firm-level EvidenceQuarterly Journal of Economics
2002Chen, Pei-Yu;Hitt, Lorin MMeasuring Switching Costs and Their Determinants in Internet Enabled Businesses: A Study of the Online Brokerage IndustryInformation Systems Research