Senthil Veeraraghavan

Associate Professor, Operations, Information and Decisions, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
Jon. M. Huntsman Hall, 5th Floor, 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

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I research on the role of Information, Uncertainty and Decision-Making in Operations, using Theory and Data Analysis.

Interests: Research and Applications

  • Operations Strategy: Behavioral Operations, Service Operations, Pricing and Revenue Management, Marketing Operations Interface, Supply Chains.
  • Theory: Queueing Games, Stochastic Models, Inventory Theory.
  • Applications: Global Sourcing, Operations Evaluation, India Business, Non-Profit Operations, Data Analytics in Sports.

    (Recent) Research and Teaching Recognition

  • 2016 Wharton MBA Core Curriculum Teaching Award ("Tough, but we'll thank you in 5 years")
  • 2016 Wharton MBA Teaching Commitment and Curicular Innovation Award.
  • 2016 Wharton Dean's Post-Doctoral Grant.
  • 2015 Wharton MBA Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • 2015 Finalist, Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Research Competition (for Baseball Ticket Pricing).
  • 2014 Winner, Management Science Best Paper in Operations Management Award (for Quality-Speed Conundrum).
  • 2013 Wharton Undergraduate Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • 2013 Finalist, Management Science Best Paper in Operations Management Award (for Opaque Selling).


    Current Research

  • False Diagnosis and Overtreatment in Services with M. Pac, 2015.
  • A Model of Rational Retrials in Queues with Shiliang Cui and X. Su, 2015.


  • Now or Later: A Simple Policy for Effective Dual Sourcing in Capacitated Systems (2008), with Alan Scheller-Wolf, Operations Research Vol. 56 Issue 4 pp 850-864.
  • Joining Longer Queues: Information Externalities in Queue Choice (2009), with Laurens Debo, MSOM Vol 11(4) pp 543-562. LEAD ARTICLE.
    Previously "Customer Herding in Queues: Inferring Service Quality from Queue Lengths".

    An early version of this paper was selected as 2007 INFORMS JFIG Competition Finalist.
    MSOM Best Paper Award Finalist (2012).
    Media Mentions: Matching Supply with Demand Blog.
  • Models of Herding Behavior in Operations Management (2009), with Laurens Debo. Chapter in "Operations Management Models with Consumer-Driven Demand" (eds. S. Netessine and C. Tang).
  • Selling to Strategic Consumers: Opaque Selling Strategies (2009), with Kinshuk Jerath and Serguei Netessine. Chapter in "Operations Management Models with Consumer-Driven Demand" (eds. S. Netessine and C. Tang).
  • Revenue Management with Strategic Customers: Last Minute Selling and Opaque Selling (2010), with Kinshuk Jerath and Serguei Netessine, Management Science Vol. 56, No. 3, March 2010, pp. 430-448.
  • Contracting for Infrequent Restoration and Recovery of Mission-Critical Systems (2010), with Sang-Hyun Kim , Morris Cohen and Serguei Netessine, Management Science Vol. 56, No. 9, September 2010, pp. 1551-1567.
  • Quality-Speed Conundrum: Tradeoffs in Customer-Intensive Services (2010), with Krishnan Anand and M. Fazil Pac, Management Science Vol. 57, No. 1, pp. 40-56.

    This paper was selected as a finalist on for the 2009 INFORMS JFIG Competition.
  • Herding in Queues with Waiting costs: Rationality and Regret (2010), with Laurens Debo, MSOM Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 329-346.

    Media Mention: ChicagoNow RedEye Blog
  • Selling to Conspicuous Consumers: Pricing, Production and Sourcing Decisions,(2012), with Necati Tereyagoglu, Management Science Vol 58, No 12, pp. 2168-2189. (Technical Appendix).
  • Measuring Seat Value in Stadiums and Theaters: An Empirical Investigation (2012), with Ramnath Vaidyanathan, Production and Operations Management Vol 22, No. 1, pp 49-68.

    An earlier version of the paper is available at the WSBI website.
    Media Mentions: Conde Nast Portfolio Magazine. Price Discrimination and Baseball Tickets.
  • Equilibrium in Queues under Unknown Service Times and Service Value (2014), with Laurens Debo, Operations Research. Volume 62, Issue 1, pp 38-57.
  • Blind Queues: Impact of Consumer Beliefs on Revenues and Congestion (2016) Forthcoming in Management Science, with S. Cui.
  • Multi-attribute Loss Aversion and Reference Dependence: Evidence from the Performing Arts Industry (2016) with P. Fader and N. Tereyagoglu, Management Science.
  • Pricing Theater Seats: The Value of Price Commitment and Monotone Discounting (2016) with P. Fader and N. Tereyagoglu. Production and Operations Management.
  • Simple Policies for Managing Flexible Capacity (2017) with G. Janakiraman and M. Nagarajan. Forthcoming in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management.

    Manuscripts in Preparation/ Other Working Papers

  • Learning Service Quality by Observing Service Outcomes with Refael Hassin and Laurens Debo.
  • Prices and Congestion as Signals of Quality with L. Debo, 2011. Formerly titled "Firm Service Rate Selection when Service Rates are not Observable and Service Value is Unknown to the Market".
  • Effective Dual Sourcing with a Single Index Policy with A.S. Scheller-Wolf and G. J. van Houtum, 2009.Working Paper.
  • Speculative Behavior in a Queue with A. Catalán and G. Cachon, 2010. Working Paper.

    Refereed Conference Proceedings

  • Quality - Speed Conundrum: Tradeoffs in Labor Intensive Services. Service SIG Conference, MIT Boston, MA. (Paper Discussant - Dr. Francis de Véricourt, ESMT). A later version of this paper was published. with K. Anand and M. Paç 2009.
  • Is it Worth the Wait? Service Choice and Externalities When Waiting is Expensive. First Service SIG Conference, College Park, MD. (Paper Discussant - Dr. Assaf Zeevi, Columbia University). with L. Debo 2008.

    Advising/Dissertation Committees

    Shiliang Cui 2015. [Currently at Georgetown]
    Jaelynn Oh 2014 [Currently at University of Utah]
    Necati Tereyagoglu 2012 [Currently at Georgia Tech]
    M. Fazil Pac 2012 [Currently at Google]
    Ramnath Vaidyanathan 2011 [Placement: McGill]
    Pnina Feldman 2011 [Currently at UC Berkeley]
    Kinshuk Jerath 2008. [Currently at Carnegie Mellon]
    Sang-Hyun Kim 2008 [Recipient of 2008 George B. Dantzig Dissertation Award. Currently at Yale]
    Robert Swinney 2008 [Currently at Stanford]
    Andres Catalán 2013 (expected)

    Recent Invited Research Talks/Seminars (to be updated)

  • 2011, University of Texas, Austin, TX
  • 2011, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  • 2011, INSEAD, Singapore
  • October 2010, University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • October 2010, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
  • May 2010, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
  • January 2010, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • October 2009, Penn State University, State College, PA
  • September 2009, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.
  • March 2009, Kellogg Seminar Series, Kellogg, Evanston, IL.
  • February 2009, USC Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, CA.
  • December 2008, University of Maryland, Smith School, College Park, MD.
  • November 2008, UCLA Anderson School, DOTM Colloquium, Los Angeles, CA.
  • September 2008, Kellogg Operations Workshop. Evanton, IL.
  • November 2007, Informs JFIG Finalist Session Presentation, Seattle WA.
  • October 2007, Conference on Customer Oriented Operations, Washington University, St. Louis .
  • April 2007, IOMS department Stern School, NYU .
  • March 2007, Operations and Logistics Department Univ of British Columbia.
  • October 2006, Operations Department Indian School of Business.

    Other Conference Talks: Invited or Refereed

  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Phoenix AZ, November 2012:
    Consumer Learning and Queues; Equilibrium in Queues under Unknown Service Rates and Service Value; Expert Queues: Information Pricing and Congestion; Learning Quality from Service Outcomes.
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Charlotte NC, November 2011:
    Impact of Purchase Delays on Revenues: A Structural Model based on Arts Organization Data; Learning Quality from Service Outcomes; Pricing and Diagnosis in Credence Services; Pricing and Production Decisions under Conspicuous Consumption; Static Pricing in the Presence of Demand Shocks and Strategic Customers.
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Austin TX, November 2010:
    Quality Speed Conundrum: Tradeoffs in Customer-Intensive Services; Setting Prices for Theater Seats Based on Consumer Choice Behavior; Signaling Quality through Price and Service Rate; Signaling Service Quality in Queues
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, San Diego CA, October 2009:
    Pricing and Quantity Decisions under Conspicuous Consumption; Firm Service Rate Selection When Quality and Service Rates are Unknown; Quality Speed Conundrum: Trade-offs in Customer-Intensive Services; Pricing and Quality in Expert Services; Measuring Seat Value in Theaters; Signaling Service Quality in Queues; Herding in Two Queues.
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Washington DC, October 2008:
    Is it Worth the Wait? Herding when waiting is expensive; Linking Customer Satisfaction with Future Willingness-to-pay; Quality vs. Speed: The Waiting/ Service Time Conundrum; Selling to Conspicuous Consumers; Joining Longer Queues: Information Externalities in Queue Choice.
  • INFORMS Conference, Seattle WA, October 2007:
    Multi-channel Competition with Opaque Products; Customer Herding in Queuing Services; Customer Herding in Queues: Inferring Service Quality from Queue Lengths; Quantity Decisions Under Customer Learning Behavior.
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh PA, November 2006:
    Capacity Rationing in Two-Channel Supply Chain with Herding Externalities; Inventory Policies for Capacitated Systems with Multiple Products; Integrating Revenue Management Systems with Recommendation Engines; Quantity Decisions Under Customer Learning Behavior.
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, San Francisco CA, November 2005:
    Rationing and Expediting in a Service Center Facing Multi-class Demand; To Join the Longest Queue or the Shortest Queue: Inferring Quality Through Congestion.
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting, Denver CO, October 2004:
    Inferring Service Quality from Queue Lengths in a Multi-server Setting.


    Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

  • MBA, Operations Strategy , Spring 2013-2015.
  • Undergraduate, Introduction to Operations Management (OPIM 220), Spring 2013. Download the syllabus. Wharton Undergraduate Excellence in Teaching Award 2013.
  • MBA, Supply Chain Management (OPIM 632), Spring Q4 2005-2011.
  • Undergraduate, Introduction to Operations Management (OPIM 220), Spring Semester 2006-2012. This is an Introductory course for ALL students curious to learn more about Operations Management. Download the syllabus. Average Rating (2006-2011): 3.5/4.
  • WEMBA West, Supply Chain Management (OPIM 632), Spring Semester 2011, 2012

    Services & Awards

  • Awards and Grants:
    Finalist, 2015 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.
    Winner, 2014 Management Science, Best Paper in Operations Management.
    Undergraduate Excellence in Teaching Award, 2013.
    Finalist, MSOM Best Published Paper, 2012.
    Dean's Research Grant 2011.
    Management Science Distinguished Service Award 2010.
    INFORMS Junior Faculty Paper Competition Finalist 2009.
    Management Science Meritorious Service Award 2009.
    MSOM Distinguished Service Award 2008.
    INFORMS JFIG 2007 Finalist, Wharton Sports Business Initiative Grant 2008, Fishman-Davidson Center Research Grant 2007, Wharton MACK center Grant 2007,
    Wharton WeBi Grant 2006,
    William W. Cooper Dissertation Award 2004, Best Student Teacher Award (CMU) 2004, Carnegie-Bosch Grant 2004.
  • Judge: MSOM Student Paper Competitions, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005.
  • Referee: Management Science, Operations Research, M&SOM, Marketing Science, Production and Operations Management, Naval Research Logistics, Decision Sciences, IIE Transactions.
  • Consulting/Advising/Projects: Comcast, Wharton Sports Business Initiative, Rakuten Golden Eagles, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
  • Independent Studies: Sang Kim, Yuta Namiki, Diwas KC.

    Other Stuff


  • Photography, Literature, Slashdot, Knowledge@Wharton, Firefox & Thunderbird.
  • Schools: Wharton, Carnegie Mellon University, IIT Bombay

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