Steven Orla Kimbrough

University of Pennsylvania, Jon M. Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Suite 500, Room 565, Philadelphia, Pa 19104. 215-898-5133.
My official Web page is here. GIS-OR, page for the Geographical Information Systems and Operational Research Initiative. My Practical Reasoning site is Practical Reasoning, Inc..

Papers & Projects

FLBC: Formal Languages for Business Communication

Agent communication languages. Formal semantics for business, and generally machine-to-machine, communication. Emphasis on electronic commerce. Indicative publications:

Knowledge Discovery in Text

Information retrieval. Pattern-oriented access to information. Data mining. Text data mining. Information management. Content management. Practical Reasoning's Core of Discovery. Literature-based discovery.

Indicative publications:

Vaim: Value-Added Information Mash

Vaim Faqs (PDF)

Draft: Vaim Design Faqs (PDF)

"Executive Briefing: Text Mining for Business Intelligence'' (foils in PDF)

MV:Biofuels, example queries

Patent: 7,257,568, "Process and system for matching products and markets," August 14, 2007.

Patent: 7,756,891, "Process and system for matching products and markets," July 13, 2010.

Patent: Categorized Document Bases, US patent number 7,917,519, posted March 29, 2011.

Algorithmic Game Theory

Agents, games and strategic interaction, evolution, computational rationality. Indicative publications: Recent presentation "Algorithmic Game Theory: Artificial Agents Play and Learn, Producing Surprising and Instructive Results", Carnegie Mellon University, 23 January 2009, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, December 2008.

Book: Agents, Games, and Evolution: Strategies at Work and Play (2012).

Heuristics for Management

Deliberation support. Metaheuristics and Management Science (MandMS). Randomized metaheuristics for constrained optimization. Agent-based modeling. Experimental algorithmics (empirical investigation of randomized metaheuristics). Genetic algorithms. Etc. Indicative publications:

Philadelphia Redistricting Project.

Knowledge@Wharton article about the project.

Our team was a finalist for the 2012 INFORMS Wagner Prize. "The Philadelphia Districting Contest: Designing Territories for City Council Based upon the 2010 Census" (Ram Gopalan, Steven O. Kimbrough, Frederic H. Murphy, and Nicholas Quintus). Presentation (Fred Murphy and Steve Kimbrough). (The presentation alone: Presentation Itself.

Agent-based modeling


Current CV

Recent Presentations

Photos: Wisconsin State Historical Society. Chuck Patch's favorite from the Wisconsin State Historical Society Web Site is Three Rennebohm Waitresses .

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